Today we’re launching a new section on our website called Custom Builds. This is our way of sharing with the world all of the great projects that we’re working on in our retail store. If you’ve been to our retail store then you’ve noticed that we have more frames hanging on the walls than complete bikes sitting on the floor… and that’s for good reason. We know that each customer is different so we’ve designed our store like a production line: first you select a frame, then components, wheels, cockpit, and all of the other details. We guarantee that from day one you’ll be more attached to your bike, that you’ll ride more, and that you’ll never see the same bike out on the trail/road.

Click Here to See The Custom Builds Section

Here's a screenshot of the new section.

Each build page includes a brief description of why the bike/parts were designed the way that they were, a breakdown of each item included in the build, and a gallery of photos.

Scalpel build page.

Here are some highlights including some of our favorite brands: ENVE Composites, Commencal, Industry 9, Shimano, Rohloff, and more.

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